Turning your property into a homestay venture presents an exciting opportunity, yet it's not without its challenges. From the seemingly endless shopping list of furnishing and amenities to striking the right balance between quality and pricing, there's much to consider. Ensuring that you're investing wisely in items that enhance guest experience while also managing costs effectively is crucial. Additionally, navigating the competitive landscape and standing out amidst other accommodations can be a hurdle. However, with careful planning, strategic decision-making, and a focus on providing exceptional value to guests, you can successfully navigate these challenges and create a thriving homestay business

Your Solution

Engage our Homestay Design-Renovate-Furnish Service, we furnish your unit to hotel-grade and yet kept the feel of home. Our 28Days Homestay Ready Renovation and Furnishing Package solution is cost-effective because we prioritise total renovation cost, renovation period, durability, and aesthetic appeal.